Rich Lindell, Head Trainer & Co-Founder

I started my journey in the fitness world more than 30 years ago when I received my first set of weights from my Mom as a young teen. I can remember that weight set like it was yesterday (Joe Weider plastic case, cement filled, barbell and dumbbell set, very old school!) I immediately fell in love with the process of being able to change my body and mind in just few minutes per day. I was a small kid and I wanted to stop being bullied and I also wanted to excel at football. My little weight set helped me achieve both those goals. After teaching myself how to lift and how to do squats, I eventually got the nerve to join a gym at age 15, but I was very nervous because I had zero idea what I was doing. Thanks to many helpful gym mates and magazines (YouTube didn’t exist yet!), I learned, and I consumed as much as I could about fitness.

Over the years I learned that what works for some body types and people is not what works for all and as we age our goals and bodies may change, which means our workouts need to change. I’ve personally altered the way I work out too many times to count over the years. In high school my fitness goals were all about excelling on the football field. Years later when I had two young sons, a full-time job, and a home to take care of, I had to find creative ways to squeeze in my workouts even if it was late at night. As my kids got older, they began joining me in the gym which was another transition. Now that I am in my 40’s I don’t lift as heavy and I focus on incorporating body movement and breathing into my sessions, in order to stay strong and keep up with my grandchildren.

Before becoming a Personal Trainer, I had a career in the corporate world and I worked my way up to Director of Logistics, but the desire to be in the gym and to help others learn to enjoy working out never subsided. So, in 2010 I left the corporate world to follow my dream of becoming a Personal Trainer. After I graduated from the National Personal Trainer Institute with my certification from NPTI and NASM, I worked at FFC for a little over a year. I then worked at Fit Body Bootcamp and later Orange Shoe Personal Fitness. While I enjoyed the experiences and learned a lot from all these companies, my true goal was to own my own personal training studio, and now that dream has come true.

Owning my own gym has giving me the freedom to explore new workout routines, equipment, and the space to help teach other people how important good health is, and how a good routine can change their lives physically and mentally. I’ve taken 35 years of multiple gym memberships, workout routines, including working out from home during a pandemic and I’ve incorporated and poured it into my clients here at SB Fitness and Wellness. My greatest joy is seeing my clients (who’ve ranged in age from 9 years old to much older!) accomplish their goals, whatever goals those may be.