Personal Training

One on One (30 minutes) $45

One on One (60 minutes) $90

One on Two (30 minutes) $60

One on Two (60 minutes) $120

Small Group Class

Monthly Unlimited $175

Drop-in $20

PT clients that train twice a week $75 (Unlimited)


We want every person to feel comfortable in their body and have an amazing mindset for whatever life brings them be it work, school, sports, and getting over and avoiding injuries.

Why SB Fitness Club?

Personalized workouts

Fun, safe, and effective workouts for each individual.

Health and Wellness

Understanding what works for the MIND and BODY.


LGBTQIA+ Friendly.


Over thirty five years of experience. 

sb fitness club

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients are saying:

“One of the things I love about being trained by Rich is the fact that he knows how far to push you—enough to challenge your body, but not too much to cause pain for days. He also does a great job of checking in with you to see how the exercises feel, both during and after your sessions. He is quick to make adjustments when needed. As an overweight, middle-aged woman, I appreciate this kind of customized training very much.”

Lisa, age 61

“I worked with Rich when he trained me prior to my wedding. Working out in a more public setting was not something I was completely comfortable with but Rich made me feel so at ease from the moment we met. He was great a pushing me but in a encouraging way and celebrating my accomplishments. Rich tailored the workouts to me and my personal goals and he made our sessions fun and great conversation. Had I not moved away I would still definitely be training with Rich.”

Whitney, age 33

“So if anyone knows me, they know I’m not a fan of work outs that are boring and basic. I get bored very quickly with working out. Rich made sure that each workout was neither boring nor basic and would push you to get the best results each time. He made it fun to work out but would always challenge you at every moment.”

Nick, age 47

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